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Get targeted local traffic through a strategic Local SEO plan, custom built for you. Never any management fees - 100% of your monthly budget goes to your campaign!

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What are Managed Local SEO Services?

Our Managed Local SEO is a fully managed monthly SEO service, designed around a strategic Local SEO campaign custom-built for you. There are never any management fees, so 100% of your monthly budget goes directly into your campaign.
Over the years, we have analyzed data from countless Local SEO business campaigns so we know what works and what doesn't. We put together the most effective Local SEO business strategies into one comprehensive SEO plan designed to get you higher rankings in Local SEO searches and increased targeted traffic to your website.
You get a fully managed Local SEO Business Solution that combines the expertise of our Local SEO specialists and a multi-faceted SEO strategy to get you to the top of local rankings. All of this plus our best in the business staff and support team!

A Powerful Local SEO Business Strategy

We have formulated a powerful SEO strategy for our Managed Local SEO Service to maximize your local rankings and increase local traffic to your business site.
1. Advanced Keyword Research

First, we start by identifying and boosting your “easy wins” keywords. Then, we do a “competitive gap analysis” – to find your competitors keywords, and we target these by building new content!

2. Building Maps & Organic Rankings With The Blended Algorithm

Google uses a “blended algorithm” to determine your maps rankings. That means that if you want to rank in maps, your website needs to rank. So we build authority to your website with a diverse set of high quality links.

3. Increasing Prominence with Citations

We also make sure you are placed in the top directories in your niche by manually building out high quality NAP citations (business listings).

By combining all of these strategies we are able to achieve awesome results in targeted local traffic to your business website.


All the Perks of a Premium Package

We made our Managed Local SEO for Business Service the best possible product for you: It includes all the bells and whistles you’ve been looking for.
Personal Campaign Manager: We created a whole new division dedicated to managing your campaigns. We’re already experts at producing the products, and with our Managed Local SEO Service, you’ll have a dedicated campaign manager.
No Management Fees: We’ve had many clients come to us over the years asking to just give us a budget and let us do the best possible work for them. This is exactly that. 100% of your monthly budget goes directly to your SEO campaign, we never charge any management fees.
100% Customized Strategy: No cookie-cutter campaigns here. Every single campaign is researched, planned, and customized for you, your goals, and your website.

How it Works

Select your Local SEO Plan

Just give us a few details on your business website, your products and your competition. If you're unsure about the process, no worries, we'll walk you through it.

You will be assigned a personal campaign manager, who will be in contact with you throughout the duration of your campaign.

Local SEO Campaign Design

We will investigate your website and your competition and determine the most effective Local SEO for Business strategy for you. We then share this strategy with you and start working on your campaign. You can be as hands-on or as hands-free as you like, it's totally up to you!

Reporting & Follow-up

Each month you will receive reports detailing everything we have done, 100% transparent. You'll also have the opportunity to review your progress with your Campaign Manager every month!


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Local SEO for Business Product Deliverables

We refer to a deliverable as the product content offered within each package.

Click on each product to learn more.

Premium Package Perks

Boost For All Link Building
Access to Rank Tracker
Transparent Reporting
Hands-Free Process


100% Customized Strategy For Your Site

Managed Local SEO for Business
Packages & Pricing

*Please see above description to learn about product deliverables.

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Our Fully Managed SEO Service takes the stress out of SEO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I actually get with a Managed Local SEO plan?

100% of your monthly budget goes to product deliverables. With our Managed Local SEO Service, we have flexible packages based on your site's needs. Our main strategy is a combination of our packages: In-Content Links (Diversity Links), Guest Blogging Services (High Authority Links), Blog Writing Services (Optimized Content), Local Citation Services (Local Citation Building), but customized for your goals.

Is there a management fee?

We never charge management fees for any of our managed SEO plans, 100% of your monthly budget goes toward your campaign.

Is there a bulk-buy discount?

We have corporate and enterprise arrangements that our pricing team can assist with on a case-by-case basis. Contact Us for more info.

What if I don't want content?

We’ve seen that links + blog content work awesomely for getting targeted traffic to your site.
Google wants to see your site as an authority from a topical depth AND topic breadth perspective. This is why we included blog content as a KEY part of the Managed Local strategy.
Let us know what your specific situation is and we will work with you to make the best campaign possible!

What do you mean by product deliverables?

Please see this explanation about product deliverables included in each package.

Is there a contract?

There is no contract, however, all of our managed services have a 3 month pilot period. Once the 3 month pilot period has ended you can subscribe on a month-to-month basis, however we recommend subscribing for at least 5-8 months to maintain your rankings.


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